A few school funnies from election week…

You have to love the sweet simplicity of a child’s mind.

This week, being election week, we had a big focus on the president of the United States and the election process, complete with some basic history of Presidents, going over some basic issues, and voting.

In the process of teaching my girls to begin to try to decide what they believe and what they feel is right, and what they should do about that, I taught them some of the basic opposing issues of the parties, including abortion, same-sex marriage, health care, etc. (All at a first-grade level, of course.) :) Here are a few quotes from this week’s schoolroom and dinner table conversation:

Mom: Girls should never marry girls, right?
3-year-old: Right.
Mom: And who should boys marry?
3-year-old: Girls.
Mom: Right. And girls should marry…?
3-year-old: Daddies.
Mom: You mean boys?
3-year-old: No. I mean daddies.


(Following a tiny discussion of JFK, who was featured in our Presidents game)

5-year-old: Why did someone shoot him?
Mom: I guess because they didn’t like him.
5-year-old: Well that’s not nice. Shooting is bad.
Mom: No, it’s not nice, is it?
5-year-old: Jesus wouldn’t shoot someone. He would say, “Use your words and talk if you don’t like someone.”


(Election night, while watching the news and coloring in her state-by-state map with red and blue)

5-year-old: Mom, I think I don’t want to keep coloring the blue ones. If I do, Obama might win.


(Today at lunch, reviewing the election and who won.)

5-year-old: I’m a little bit sad the blue guy (Obama) won. He’s not who I picked.
Mom: I know, but he got more votes in the whole country than McCain did. So he won! So, even though President Obama doesn’t believe a lot of the same things we believe, we still be respectful of him because he is our President now. It’s important to be respectful.
5-year-old: Oh, I will! I’ll be very kind and respectful. When he comes over, I’ll say, “Even though you’re not nice because you think it’s okay for mommies to kill babies, I’ll be nice. You can sit by me and be my friend!”

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