Actual growth just may be occurring

Growth seems to be a recurring theme in my blog lately. It must be for a reason. I have been given so many opportunities this past year in the form of trials…trials that are truly blessings, as they have given me a choice time and again to either stay where I am or grow.

As I wrote before, I have been really stretching myself (ha ha) in my yoga practice lately. I have been strengthening weaker parts of myself and really reaching for more. It has been hard work, and very difficult at times. But I have kept at it, and what do you know? The other day, I stunned myself by going into a difficult pose without even thinking beforehand. The strength was there and my body was ready. I have wanted all my life to accomplish this pose, and had never had the arm strength. Though it’s a simple one for many yogis out there, it has eluded me till now. But when I actually paid the price to develop my strength, balance, and flexibility enough, my weaknesses turned to strengths.

I think that in life, it’s harder to see the obvious results of growth than it is in yoga. But I feel somehow that actual growth is occurring within me, as well. I find that even though life is just as difficult and chaotic as it has been for months now, my inner calm is there and that somehow fear is leaving me. I am slowly, steadily trying to improve, and I think it may be happening. One day, I may surprise myself with the person I have become, just as I did in my yoga practice.

I hope so.

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