In case you wonder if they’re actually listening…

…they are.

I really needed this today! I got up this morning and felt a bit overwhelmed by the day ahead. Another school day with so many things trying to cut into it, and tired kids. The same thoughts pass through the mind of every parent, homeschooling or not: “Are they actually getting any of what I’m trying to teach them???” I was tempted to think, “Nope.”

This morning while I was making breakfast, I heard some quiet, calm talking coming from our usually energetic 4-year-old. I peered over the counter into the living room to see her instructing her sisters in a yoga lesson! I couldn’t believe it. There are times in teaching her things that I have struggled to feel like she was really getting what I was trying to do. She is very smart and quick, but she is so much like her mother…INDEPENDENT. :) So I have worried that she really wasn’t learning anything from me. But I was stunned to watch her teaching her sisters very clearly, even instructing them to change what they were doing here and there!

So let’s keep going! Keep teaching, keep trying, keep setting an example. They really ARE paying attention!! And they really do learn from everything you do. :)

PS – I just had to grab the camera to document for myself that I really am doing something good. :) But my 4-year-old turned to me and patiently said, “Mommy, could you please stop taking pictures of our yoga lesson? We’re trying to focus.” :D

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