The Baby or the Tiger?

We all read The Lady or the Tiger in English class, right?

So our interest has been piqued by the trendy, tiny, sleek new Flip mino HD camera. It’s something that my dear Love has been really wanting *someday.* As it happens, he has a nice friend at work who recently got one for a safari to Africa. He recently returned from his three week adventure with lots of praise for this little high-def camcorder! He was so nice to offer to let Matt borrow it overnight, just to see if we like it so that we know…for that elusive *someday* when we might get one ourselves.

Well…short story even shorter…

The camera that survived three weeks in the wilds of Africa did not survive one night with our crawling baby who destroyed it in three seconds flat.

Or, more positively… we loved it so much that we bought Matt’s friend’s broken one and we’re buying him a brand new camera!

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