An incredible example

I am always trying to draw nearer to the Savior. It’s a lifelong goal. I have had many examples in my life. There has been one person in our lives lately, though, that has touched me so much, and shown me such a pure example…someone I need to try to be more like.

We had some pretty bad news this week, and a dear friend of ours was there for us from the minute we needed him. He served us tremendously, missing out on his own working hours to help us, doing something we could not do for ourselves. He did it so cheerfully, and so willingly! When I saw all that he was so happily doing for us, just because he loves us, I wept, because I realized there have been times that I had not helped others as cheerfully as I should have, and I also realized how sad it is that it has been so hard for me to ask for help at times, when there are those who are so lovingly waiting to do something to help me.

Tonight I learned of the same friend, standing up boldly for his testimony of the gospel in a difficult and unfortunate situation, and I was touched again by his faith and example. Christ taught by example, and those who truly serve Him do, as well.

I am so grateful this evening, not only for a dear friend and his vast service to us, but also his incredible example of loving service, which has changed my heart forever.

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