Everything is going so fast. All the time.

There are times when I get tired. Tired of the constant desire so many seem to have to pit themselves or their children against everyone else.

I needed a moment the other day. And so did my girls. A moment to slow down and just be ourselves. To just refocus and find peace again. We gathered up some paper and our pencils, and went out to find a pretty spot. We drew things we saw and talked and wondered.

It was glorious.

We drew together.

We looked up together.

Children shouldn’t be so rushed. They should be able to savor life and all of its joy. The pressure has been coming off more and more in our home, and we are all seeing the blessing of it. There are more and more moments like this these days, and I am striving to help my girls to understand the real point to their lives, rather than rushing them through it. They need to feel more of the beauty around them and in themselves. They need to feel less of the desire to be better at everything than someone else.

I love to watch them be children. :)

The girls and a friend pretended to go fishing in a big puddle. :) I loved watching it. :)

“Praise each child individually
for what that child is,
and help him or her escape
our culture’s obsession
with comparing,
and never feeling
we are

Jeffery R. Holland

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