I find my mind is drawn up in change this week.

Some things in my life are changing…things I never thought would change. Things I have been working for and hoping for. Blessed changes.

But then there are other things that I would give just about anything to change, but which, despite our best efforts, seem hedged up at every turn, with unending obstacles. It seems that change will never come, and that we will be stuck forever.

And then there are the parts of myself which I try so hard to change, but which I seem to keep coming back to, time and again. The same mistakes, over and over.

With all of these changes and non-changes, with all of these things that make such perfect sense and things that make no sense in any way, one thing is constant.

And that is the knowledge that somehow, everything that is happening is “unfolding as it should.” Having the faith to trust that, regardless of the way things do not make sense to me, everything is truly happening as it should, is the challenge, and it is the key.

I believe that “I am a child of God, and He has sent me here.” Not just here to earth. But here, right where I am in my life, right now. He sent me to these joys, and to these trials, because He knows that these are the things that will bring me back someday.

I’m trying to hold on to that, and to not worry so much about the rest.

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