Think you can’t make a difference?

I saw this today, and wanted to post it for those of you who helped sponsor my recent Run for Congo Women, or those who wanted to learn more. Run for Congo Women founder Lisa Shannon has visited the Congo, and has met these women in person. Here are some words from her blog:


When I met with hundreds of our sisters in Congo, I asked them what they would like to tell American women, and those who Run for Congo Women. In these directly transcribed lines, here is what they said:

We send warm greetings.
We really need them.
If they can’t write, please send photos.
We’re very happy to you, Lisa
And for all the other women, for all the women
who accept to make their bodies suffer because we suffer.
Give our thanks to them, tell them we are together.
We should remain sharing all our feelings.
We love them so much.
We know war in Congo is not near to finished,
So we ask them to ask the government to help stop the war.
To the government, we pray they do whatever they can
So the war can end, and people in poverty
because of the war can feel they are also
human beings, the dignity of being human.
Be blessed, Government of the U.S.

I lost all things, burnt. I lost dignity.
You dignified me.
I became seller of beans and flowers.
I regained joy.
The help you are sending helps us to be human beings, really.
If you could open my heart to see how happy I am to see you.
I am buying hens. Whenever I am hungry now, I slaughter one.
If I was a bird, I would fly and meet you in America.
I’m feeling as if I’m getting fat.
Since meeting you in the morning,
I’m fat with joy.
I cook doughnuts.
We no longer rent. We got our own land.
I pay them to work on my farm.
I’m hopeful. At harvest, I will rejoice.
Today I can really breastfeed my baby because I am eating well.
If my kid grows up, it is because of support from you.
When I heard you were running, I found it was really true love.
When I learned you were coming, I was waiting.
I don’t know what measurement I can use to measure my joy.
I feel somehow a person in life, a woman in life.
I didn’t think I would feel like other women.
You have to continue up to the coming of Jesus.
Thanks, thanks, thanks.
I don’t know how to express my joy. I don’t know how.
May god bless and bless and bless and bless.
What I receive makes me feel like a woman now.
It doesn’t arrive every day to be in this kind of joy. But I am really happy.



Do you really think you can’t change the world? That you can’t make a difference?

You can.

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