I went to the Temple today. I have been anxiously looking forward to it all week…the peace, the loveliness, the guidance.

So many questions, worries, and desires are swimming around in my mind and heart.  So many things I would like to know.  So many futures I would love to see.

As I sat and as I learned, I felt overwhelming peace and love, yet again, but no answers came.  I know that they aren’t always going to…that most things are one step at a time, acts of faith and trust.  And that is how it should be.  But that doesn’t seem to stop my somewhat selfish desire to know what I so long to know.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, yet eagerly looked forward to the quiet time in the celestial room, a beautiful, sacred, and quiet room where you can sit and quietly ponder.  Once there, I anxiously, fervently prayed.  I waited, and I waited.  Nothing came, other than love and assurance that all would be well, as long as I had faith.  I was grateful for the peace that did come.  I left, changed my clothes, and walked back out into the cold December sunshine.

As I was walking to my car, I stopped for a moment to sit on the bench in front of the temple and look at the newly-redone fountain.  It is lovely, and as I sat, inspiration suddenly burst to my mind with such beauty and startling clarity.  It is too personal to share here, but was miraculous to me.  The inspiration came, actually, as a result of the design and appearance of the fountain.  There I had been, sitting inside, waiting and waiting for the answer I sought.  But I couldn’t receive that answer until I came out and sat at the fountain, because the ideas that came to my mind could never have come without me looking at the fountain at that moment.

My point?  Inspiration comes to us when we are in the right place at the right time.  And the only way to be in the right place is to keep moving.  We cannot simply sit and do nothing until we receive the guidance we seek.  (Note…this is not to say that I don’t think sitting in meaningful meditation is a wonderful thing…it IS, and very important, as well.)  Guidance, I think, will come more often when we are on the move, trying with all of our hearts to do our best.

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