Last weekend, I was truly honored to receive the Outstanding Homelessness Advocate Award from the Family Tree organization.  It was a great honor, and truly goes to my entire family, as this has been a family endeavor for us. 

I do some volunteer work at a shelter for women and children in the Denver area.  It is an incredible experience for me, but it seems that I have shared my experiences with relatively few people before.  Perhaps it is because it is so personal to me.  Perhaps it is because I love the women there so much, that I don’t want to make light of them by terming them as simply “volunteer work.”

These women have lifted my soul and my own burdens.  I have learned far more from them than they could ever learn from our wonderful yoga sessions together.  And they have taught me, again and again, the power of hope, of a positive attitude, and of finding joy in womanhood.  They have taught me that it is worth it, to try to make a difference.  One small moment can change a life forever, just as they have changed mine.

When I spend time with them, my own blessings seem even greater, and my own troubles so much smaller.  My heart fills with hope again each time I go, as does my family’s.  My girls see that other people are just as precious as they are, regardless of where they live or where they have been.  They also see their own tremendous blessings. 

They have also taught me, once again, that each of us has an abundance of some kind.  Each of us has something to give.  And miraculously, when we give of ourselves and our time, there is always plenty more for what we need to get done.

Blessed am I, to know these women.  I have found many dear hearts among them, and I will love and pray for them forever.

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