Six years

This lovely one turned six years old last week.

Her recent birthday was a turning point for me, one I’ve been praying hard for.

As I thought back on her birth day, it opened the floodgate of remembrance of blessings given.  Undeserved, merciful, miraculous blessings.

I didn’t understand it all that day, but I have come to understand it since.

All children are miracles.  All children are evidence of God.  But I never should have been able to have mine.  I am finally understanding that.  I am deeply humbled, more than I ever have been, as I stand back and look at these beautiful women I am blessed to be with every day.  Even the hard days.

This beautiful child, this sweet, gentle spirit would never have been here if left up to my body alone.

And yet, here she is, a miracle in every sense.  She is bright, she is happy, she is tender and so very sweet.  I have never experienced a more tender heart.  She loves and seeks out the light and goodness around her.  She makes us all feel better.  Her big, blue eyes pierce your soul and make you want to be the best version of yourself.  She is lovely.  She is a reminder of God’s love and mercy.

Blessed am I!

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