(I have watched this video more times than I can count this past year.)

I know I’m cryptic about this year.  A lot has happened in our lives.  A LOT.

Each time I have seen this video, I’ve cried.  Somehow it reminds me that God is completely, absolutely aware of me.  (Take the time to let the HD fully buffer and then watch it…so worth the wait.)

Last weekend, we got away.  We went to Breckenridge and sat in the breeze and golden trees and we made plans to move forward with our lives.  We have been waiting for this time ever since we got married, and I’ll write more about it soon.  I can hardly believe that it’s here.

There were times this past weekend when I sat alone, watching my family.  (Beautiful, lovely people!)  There were moments when I sat outside, breathing the good mountain air, wind in my hair, when I was surrounded by a warm breeze and I had a beautiful ache right to my core.  It’s moments like that, that I feel God talking to me, directly to my soul.  So much is said, too much for words.  There is no way to express it.  But I know what it means.

This week has been a rocky one, finalizing our preparations for a whole new future.  But I breathe in deep and I remember those quiet moments in the mountains.

We’re so blessed.  We’re so watched over.  My heart feels like it will burst tonight.

Blessed am I.

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