Last day of February

Well, here we are.  I feel like throwing a party…last day of February!

One year ago tonight, I was having a long and horrible night just trying to keep my baby alive, literally.  The next night, she was in NICU.  And this was after a virtually sleepless two weeks prior to that with very ill children.

February has been the worst month of the year for us for a decade now.  It has always been horrible.  We always get some terrible, month-long illness that wears us completely down.  This year, I’ve been bracing myself for February, and after all of the hospital stays and everything else this past year, I just did not know if I had another February in me.

But mercy of mercies, we have had a lovely February.  Mild illnesses only.

It has been a quiet time, with lots of time for me to reflect and find answers to my own questions and to make new beginnings in our home.

This month started out with a lot of dread.

It has ended with a reminder of the kindness and mercy of God.  One who knows all.

I truly feel like we have been passed over…like the “Devourer has been rebuked” for our sakes this month.

This may all sound very dramatic…but believe me, I needed a miracle this month.  My heart was worn.  And He knew that.  I am watching the clock…one hour left until March.

I feel quiet, blessed, and grateful.

Good-bye, dear, cold February.  You’ve taught me a lot every year.  Thank you for the gentleness this time around.

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