Letting Go

We are moving.

This is a decision that has consumed us over the past few months.  The decisions to move, then where to move, and what we should do as one difficulty after another has arisen have all been pretty consuming.

In the end, the decision and the place we have been led to are so right for us and so perfect for our family that no other thought can counter the peace I feel.

I have felt a bittersweet swell of pain, however, each time I remember each dear part of us that we will be leaving here in Colorado.  These things have molded and shaped us over the past years and have changed us entirely.

This city.  It is harsh and cruel, yet so sheltering and kind, all at once.

This city houses the ACC where I have seen all the horror and all of the beauty of humanity in one place.  And the beauty triumphs, again and again.

It hosts thousands of park benches, where our friend once slept in the cold, until he passed away after changing us forever.

The House of Hope, where my heart grew until it burst, and I met women I will love forever and ever, who have given me so very much more than I ever gave.

2013-08-08 19.18.23

Irish dance, where my girls worked and gave everything they could for almost two years.


The museum and the library that were so warm and welcoming, where we loved to spend our days immersed in wonder.

The mountains.  My mountains.  My sanctuary.  The Rockies, Never Summer, Falcon, Arapahoe, and all of them in-between.  A thousand windows into heaven where I hear the voice of God.

The people.  The good, kind, beautiful people who I will love forever and miss every day.  Loving, generous people.

I could go on and on.

My heart breaks when I think of what I am leaving behind and tears come to my eyes.  But then, in the next moment, somehow, I feel my heart gently letting go of each of these beautiful things that have made me what I am.

I know that I could never let them go if letting go weren’t so very right.

Each of these blessings has changed me forever, but I keep hearing this whisper: there are other things for me to do, equally beautiful and right.  And it’s time to do them.  

Joy and pain are twinborn.  Pain gives way to joy, because so often, we have to give up something in order to receive.

Colorado has changed me in ways I can never explain, and I will be grateful always.

Where are we going next?  Very near here.

P.S. Colorado – I’m coming back for Yoga for Congo, so come see me. :)


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