First Time

The Provo Yoga for Congo event was really special for so many reasons.

We had family and loved ones join us, and students who had so little to give, yet gave everything that they had.

These events change me and humble me.

But the most incredible thing about Provo was these three faces:

This was the first time any of my children have attended an event.

My girls have helped me prepare for every event for four years now.  Four!  

They have filled eye pillows, folded t-shirts, stacked flyers.  They have ridden in the car for hours while I picked up water, sent flyers, and talked to people.

They have been patient and waited their turn during those incredibly busy times.  We have talked about Congo and they have gotten involved in little online campaigns over the years.

But until Provo, they had never yet experienced the gravity and the power of one of the events.

I cry at every event.  The sorrow and the love wash over me again each time and my heart bursts open.

But this time, catching the eyes of my daughters…

…there are no words.

I feel like such an imperfect mother.  But in that hour, at that event, I could feel a transfer of love and power that I passed to my daughters.  I knew in that hour that those little women felt it and that they changed inside.

Since being home, my girls have each come up with their own ideas, completely unprompted, on how they want to make a difference in the world.  They have taken me by surprise with their love and their drive.

I think there are not many things greater than teaching our children that they matter in this world, and that they have the power to make a difference.

We are saying to them: YOU matter.  You have power and light and you have so much to offer.  You are special and beautiful and you will change the world.  The world really is a beautiful place, and you will make it more so.

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