Cutting a path

Tonight, Matthew and I took a walk in the snow and trees with only the moon and stars lighting the way.  The world was a magical silver.  I’ve dreamed of walking in the snowy woods at night my whole life.  It was magic.  Pure, silver magic.

But since I don’t yet have a lens that will capture the silvery night, I’ll show you some pictures of dog sledding instead. ;)

I love living here.  I love living here.

It isn’t easy in many ways.  We are still cutting our own path and constantly taking the road less travelled.  Sometimes that’s just hard and wears me out.

But then, I feel the joy of truly, truly being fully immersed in a life and a path that was set out just for me.  I breathe the sharp pine air and I gain more and more strength in all that we are doing each day.

PS – If you are ever at a dog sled race with my wee one, and she gets fussy, feed her snow.  Really, any time you are outside.

If you don’t feed it to her, she is going to lie face down and eat it anyway.

And let my oldest climb the trees, because that is where she is happy and free.  :)



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