Easter, rebirth, and mountains

I’ve been pretty absent from this space lately.  {again}

There has been so much going on, and so much of it I just can’t even write yet.

When I turned 33 about six months ago, it struck me pretty hard that Christ’s life and mission culminated at 33.  By 33, He was everything, did everything, and became everything.  I know I’m not Him, but I ached more than anything to become closer to Him and more like Him than I had ever been, and the night of my birthday, I kneeled and prayed that this year, I would be able to have the experiences I needed in order to be better than I had ever been.

Needless to say, this year has had some pretty hard spots.  :)

I’m not writing here again to complain about them or even to talk about them, because they are just too personal for a public space.  However, I am going to be writing more again, even if it’s just little bits as the days go by.

I asked for a mountain to climb.  I’ve been given one.  There are days when I feel that I will never summit.  But I’m taking one step at a time, and I know that if I keep doing that, someday I will see the top.

I guess the point of this post is this: I believe in a personal Savior.  I believe in the possibility of complete rebirth, complete transformation, complete change.  I believe that trust, faith, and gratitude are what will move us forward.  I believe that mountains are hard and they hurt, but that they are climbable.

I’m on a journey this year, and today, Easter, I am so grateful for Easter’s promise, that my journey may have meaning and hope.

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