Life cycles

Last week we had a nice little hike up to Harlequin Lake.  Very short and easy…just what we needed after our summit last week.

(How is it possible to get a picture where 5 out of 6 have their eyes closed??  And that it is the best picture I got?)  :)

At the beginning of summer, we hiked up to Lost Lake to catch a glimpse of the beautiful lily pads during their first week in bloom.

During this hike, we got to see the lily pads during their last days in bloom.

Most were already gone, but a few strong flowers remained.

Life all around us hummed on in its constant progression.

I think it’s wonderful to live here, where we can see the days and the seasons change moment by moment around us.  It gives us perspective and hope for renewal.

(Me lately.  Rarely do I wear makeup anymore.  When I’m in the mountains, I’m home and more comfortable in my own skin.  It’s a good feeling.)

All around us were the new young trees springing forth from the ashes of the Yellowstone fires years ago.  Here and there, tall, stark pines remain to tell us the story: there can be no rebirth without burning and destruction of what once was.

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