Swimming hole

This summer, the girls have discovered the joy of swimming in a more natural setting.  These were taken a few days ago at the Firehole Falls swimming hole in Yellowstone.

The Firehole River is surrounded by geothermal features, including Old Faithful, which dump very hot water into it.  We’ve stood behind Old Faithful many times, watching its runoff into the Firehole River.  As a result of these numerous and very hot features running to meet the frigid mountain runoff, the river is a very comfortable temperature.

“The Fire hole is a companionable river. Notwithstanding its forbidding name, it… always does its best to put [a man] at his ease. Like some hospitable manorial lord, it comes straight down the highway for a league to greet the stranger and to offer him the freedom of its estate. … It may be a quiet charm that lulls to rest, or a bold current that challenges his endurance and caution.”
-Klahowya, Early Yellowstone visitor, 1910


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