My name is Ann, and live for my husband and six daughters.  I am the founder of MommYoga and Yoga for Congo Women.  I love to make soap and candles.  I love homeschooling and seeing my children learn.

If I could sum up, in one word, the most important thing about me, it would be this:  Mother.

I am a mother, and so very grateful.  I can’t imagine a greater honor in my life.

Something else important about me?  I love, love the Savior.  He is ever kind, and ever present in my life.  If you’d like to find out more about what I believe, see my profile here.

(*Disclaimer: I just found out this song is from the Twilight soundtrack.  I’ve decided to like it anyway, ha ha!  Apologies to all of my Bella/Edward loving friends…you know I love you.)  :)


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