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It’s for the kids

Life as a parent is about love and kindness.  It’s about seeing dreams and making them reality.

From a few conversations I’ve had recently, I’ve realized that not everyone got from this post that we are actually living in a camper this summer.  We are perma-camping.  It is seriously the most fun we have ever had.  Life’s better at camp.

In fact, it is been so much fun that it has allowed us to realize many dreams.  (One has been hiking up and down and all over Yellowstone this summer.  That freedom has been incredible.)  We’ve actually decided to stay in our camper for a while in part because of the ability it has given us as parents to give our children dreams that they may not have been able to realize yet.

Here is the most recent:

His name is Charlie.  He is as sweet as can be and the girls are in absolute heaven.  I think that they asked for him at least three times a day for the last five or six years.  It was time.  (And people can roll their eyes at us all they like for having a puppy in an RV, but it has been incredibly easy to housebreak a puppy in such a little space!  He’s happy and at home, and so are we.)

The next thing involves our plans for the winter.  Since it gets far too cold here to overwinter in an RV, we are going to spend one winter along the coast before hopefully building our forever home next summer.

I can’t help but smile at the dreams it will fulfill for this girl:

This girl who has never seen the ocean, but dreams of it day and night.  This girl who pretends to surf on boulders.  This girl who wants nothing more than to own a surf shop when she grows up.  Finally, she will have at least a little taste of some of her dreams.

It’s a little chapter of adventure in our lives, so stay posted.  :)