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Lately, in this rush before I have the baby, I have been trying to focus on many people’s needs.  How will my daughters be feeling once this all happens?  How can I make it better for them?  What in the world will I DO with them when I leave?  How can I help my husband with the huge load he will be carrying soon?  How can I best accommodate this new daughter into our lives?  How can I get as much possible done with some of the other things that I care so deeply about before she arrives? 

It has left me busy and happy, but also tired.  I don’t think I realized how tired, until yesterday.

Yesterday, a dear, kind, sweet friend from my old ward held a very lovely baby shower for me.  To be honest, when she first asked if she could, I said yes because I love her and I could tell she wanted to do it, but I felt kind of foolish in a way.  I mean, not only was this my fifth baby, but it was also my fifth daughter.  What possible need could I have for a baby shower?  I had clothes and everything else.  But the chance of spending a morning with this lovely friend was too good to pass up.  :)  So I said yes. 

When I actually got to the shower, and saw what she had planned, and what she had done, I had to hold back the tears.  She could not have planned a more perfect morning for me, and for what I needed just then.  There was nothing that I didn’t need, but so much of what I did, not only physically for the baby, but also emotionally for me. 

I hadn’t talked to her much about the shower, so I know that everything she did was inspired in her mind.  It struck me…the absolute love our Father in Heaven has for us…for me.  He knew what I needed, and He cared about what I needed, even when it hadn’t crossed my own mind.  And He sent someone who could fulfill that.

It gives me hope.  If He knows what I need, and can make sure I am blessed with it, I can also be sure that He knows what those I love need, and He will help me to give it to them.

(By the way, my friend, who this little one affectionately calls “May-er-weeze,” fashioned a perfect little blanket for the new baby.  But it came just in time to comfort this wee one, who has been so sad and sick again today.  Thank you, May-er-weeze.  :)  Your gift has blessed us so much already.)    

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