Little do we know

This morning, I woke early to a little body crawling into bed with me.  Excited and happy, our baby is six years old today.

She fell back asleep next to me, and as I held her hand and listened to her soft breathing, I thought about her little life.

Little did I know when I found out I was pregnant that it would be the most difficult pregnancy of my life.  Little did I know how much help I would need.  Little did I know how much that help would bless my life.

Little did I know that after that very difficult delivery there was an excruciating hospital stay ahead.  But little did I know how much help and light would come.  Little did I know that she would grow to be lively, healthy, and the light of our home.

Little do we know what the future holds.  The fear of what is coming can be paralyzing.  But little do we know the coming blessings.

I’ve felt somber lately, like things are coming maybe I’d rather not do.  But this little one reminded me this morning that help comes as much as trial, often more.  So I’m off to make birthday cake and start a new year.

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