Treadmill time

Okay. So I have a bit of a temper at times.

It’s usually pretty quiet. It doesn’t rear its’ head too often. :)

But I got, shall we say, a teensy bit upset yesterday. If someone did something to me, it would make me a lot less mad than if they did it to Matt. Unfortunately, something happened to Matt that just lit the fuse inside me.

As I got more and more upset, and the blood pressure definitely started to rise, my great father-in-law had a really great suggestion…”why don’t you walk on the treadmill for a little while?” :) So I decided to try it.

I didn’t know if anything would calm me down at that moment!! But what do you know?

The best part was watching my pulse. When I first got on the treadmill, it was quite high for me. As I put the speed up more and more, and even did a slight incline (please be impressed…I’m not much of a walker) :), my pulse dropped more and more. As I watched it, I just started to laugh. :)

It did help put things in perspective. What happened was wrong and quite upsetting. But there is no need to damage your body and spirit by letting anger get the best of you. After calming down on the treadmill, getting my pulse back down closer to the yoga level :), we enjoyed a movie with Matt’s parents and then drove home. We were able to try to direct the conversation a bit more positively…”what can we do to change things” type of stuff, rather than “let’s wallow and be mad because I just can’t figure out what else to do.” (I tried, anyway!!)

So hey…treadmills aren’t so bad!!! :)

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