Is that a boy???

Oh my. I’m still laughing. :)

A couple of days ago, our sweet neighbor, a little old lady who lives behind us, brought over some dolls for my girls. They were dolls that she had used for her grandkids, and though older, were well cared-for and well loved. :)

My girls have of course been absolutely loving them! One is an old cabbage-patch doll, remember those? (When my sisters and I were little we said “Pabbage Catch.”)

Today one of my girls took off the little dress on the baby and saw the very pronounced “outie” belly button that the cabbage patch girl had. As soon as she saw it, my oldest daughter said, “Why did Gladys (our neighbor) put a dress on this little boy?”

She was fairly upset that someone would do such a thing. I asked her why she thought it was a boy baby. It obviously had girl features and pig tails.

She held up the baby and showed me the “outie.” She said, “See that little thing? That means it’s a boy.”

We don’t see too many boys around here, obviously!! :)

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