Six Years

It is hard to believe that Matt and I have been married for six years now! In so many ways, though, it seems like so much longer. I feel as though I have been with Matt forever. I believe that I have been, in many ways. Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing that I will be with him and with our children forever. I am more grateful than any human words can express for Matt. He is my Love, and my life! I Love you, Matt!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating our anniversary! This year we kept things so simple and didn’t do anything big and splashy. After all that has happened lately, I think we were just feeling a solemn gratitude to just be together. Nothing else could have made that sweeter.

On Friday night, Matt and I just wanted a little bit of quiet time together. We ordered a pizza and took it down to the dock to watch the sunset together. It was quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. I couldn’t have been happier than just being with him right then.

I am still in awe of water that just stretches on and on, seemingly forever. Standing at the edge of the water with Matt was a very peaceful moment for me, as I felt a sure knowledge of our own eternal existence together, moving on forever, as well.

On Saturday, it was time to celebrate as a whole family! We went geocaching together for the first time and had such a fun time! The girls just loved it! They felt like Franklin on a treasure hunt!

“I’ve gotta make sure I know how to use this thing so that I can save my family if we get hopelessly lost.”

“I’m ready to go! I don’t care that it’s raining!”

“Do you see it, Daddy?”

Letters to put in the “treasure box” for Franklin.

“Tromping through the brush wore me right out.”

“I never get tired. People who sleep are strange and foreign to me.”

Happy anniversary, Matt! Thanks for the wonderful weekend for our family. I Love you!! I can’t wait for an eternity more. :)

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