Phone call

Today my 2-year-old was playing with an old baby monitor, pretending it was a telephone. I could see her chatting away, and saying nice things like, “How your day going?” and “I love you!” A few minutes later, she brought the phone over to me and said, “Mommy, the phone for you. It’s Jesus.”

I was touched and surprised. :) I wasn’t quite sure what to say, and of course my mind deliberated about how to best teach a 2-year-old reverence for Christ in that moment and if I should really discuss the fact that we can’t talk to Jesus on the telephone. I had a quiet impression not to say that. Instead, I put the baby monitor up to my ear and said, “Hello, Jesus. I love you! Thank you for loving us and for helping us all the time!”

My daughter was so happy, and took the “phone” back to the chair where she’d been playing. I watched her, and soon heard her say, “I love you Jesus. Thank you for helping me!”

It was a wonderful moment, and I am grateful for a daughter who has the faith of a child that the Savior is real and hears her, because He does.

As a side note, lest you think us surreal…ten minutes later she was talking to Santa Claus on the phone. :)

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