World Peace

The girls and I have been having many many discussions about strangers lately. It is sad to have to, but it is crucial. The sad thing about it is that my girls are so loving and friendly and love to say hello to people in the store. I don’t mind if they say hello when they’re right next to me, but they want to run down the aisle to say hello. So our “stranger danger” talks have begun in more earnest.

The girls haven’t been phased enough by hearing that “some strangers are very bad.” So I finally had to tell them that bad strangers could take them and hurt them very badly. That was a very sad and horrible thing for our 5-year-old to ponder on. She started to ask me questions about it.

“Mommy, why do some people want to hurt us?”

“Because they’re bad.”

“But why are they bad?”

“Some people just are.”

“But why are they?”

So then we started to get more in-depth:

“Well, if people don’t listen to the Spirit enough times when it tells them not to do something bad, eventually it won’t be with them anymore. They won’t be able to feel good, they’ll just feel yucky all the time. All they’ll be able to hear is satan instead, and you know that satan is bad and just wants to hurt people.”

That finally made it clear for her. She chewed on that thought for a while. She came back a little later with a solution. She said it to me as though she couldn’t believe that I, as a mommy, had not thought of this before and solved the world’s problems!

“Mommy, bad people who listen to satan and hurt people need to get put in a big time out. Then they can say they’re sorry and be all done!”

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