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I have been going back and re-reading my blog a bit tonight, and in doing so, have become partly concerned that maybe people might get the wrong impression when they read my blog…I know that I am often quite unspecific when I talk about difficult things that happen, so I may sound secretive or alarming. Please know that the reason I’m not too specific is that my blog, for me, is not so much a report of what is happening, but rather, a record of what I am learning from the things that happen. I feel often that people might be better able to relate to me if I don’t be so specific, because what is hard for me may not be hard at all for you. But we can all learn together from our lives, regardless of the particulars of the ups and downs! :)

Also, in going back through my blog tonight, I have felt uplifted and reminded of things that I needed to remember today. How nice to have a convenient place to put those things so that I can so easily access and remember those things. I talked to my mom today and she told me a few things that she had felt impressed to share with me. I was grateful she did follow that prompting, because it helped me remember to hope. Thanks mom. :)

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