I know it’s probably odd for a fully grown woman to love Smarties as much as I do, but alas, it is true. I cannot get enough of them.

They are so cute. So easy. So sweet. I keep eating them. If I have a full bag lying around, I’m in trouble.

I find that the more I eat of these lovely little empty calories, the more I want. And the less I want of any real food. Today half my day is gone and I’m wondering what real food I’ve had, in relation to the amount of sugar sitting in my tummy.

I find again and again in my life that it’s the same with so many “empty calories” that this world has to offer. It’s so fun, so cute, so easy to get sucked in by a simple little thing. If I only see or hear or do a little bit of it, it seems harmless, right? But gradually, it starts to “ruin my appetite” for anything real.

But just as my body feels incredible after I shun the smarties and partake in real food, so my spirit does when I leave behind the empty calories of the world and feast on what’s real.

Let’s eat!

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