6 years old :)

A milestone has been reached in our home…we have a six year old! I cannot believe it…six years ago I had my first glorious baby girl. She’s definitely not a baby any more. She is a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate young lady, and I Love her with my soul.

We celebrated her birthday a few days ago, so that daddy could be with us all day. It started out really fun. She and I went out to breakfast so that she could have some one-on-one time…something the oldest never gets! Then she and I went to pick up her brand new scooter!! She has eaten, breathed, and dreamed scooters for six months. She definitely earned one with how much she helps us. :)

I had wanted so much for the day to be all about her. Unfortunately, the day was not able to remain being about her for long. Her baby sister was in absolute agony, and we finally had to take her back into the urgent care. Instead of having cake and presents, our birthday girl got to sit in the dark, rainy car while the family waited for mommy to come out with the baby.

But the amazing thing about that day is this…my sweet, big girl exhibited, all day long, exactly what she is. Her behavior on her birthday describes her perfectly:

1) She gladly and happily shared her brand new scooter with her sisters, time after time. She’s wanted a scooter for months, and she has three sisters. But she didn’t mind giving them all multiple turns throughout the day.

2) Never once did she cry or complain about the attention not being on her. She is selfless.

3) She didn’t fuss a bit about having to wait for her presents. (She had to wait until we got home at 10:00 at night.)

4) She was just fine and very cheerful when I told her that we wouldn’t be able to have cake that day. She was pleasant and happy to wait until the next day.

5) Rather than complaining about homemade presents, as many 6-year-olds would do, she thanked me many times for making her presents.

I love this girl! She is a light, joy, example, and blessing to my life. She helps me constantly and I do not know what I would ever do without her. I love her dearly, and though I can still remember holding her in my arms as a brand new baby, I am amazed at the lovely young lady she is becoming.

She loves the new princess apron:

And she hasn’t stopped sewing with the little sewing cards daddy made her:

The butterfly collage I made her to hang next to her bed:

Modeling the apron, and anxiously eyeing the sewing card she wants to get started on:

Sharing her presents without a thought:

The sad little cake we had the next day, that she loved anyway :) :

Conspiring about what to wish for:

Even the youngest felt good enough the next night to have some ice cream, in her own way:

Our family would never be the same without our big sister! We are so grateful that you are with us, sweetheart. We Love you!!

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