Labor Day was…

…a time for some driving lessons from Grandpa.

(you drive better if you stick out your tongue…)

…a time for sisters,

…and new babies.

(I have a picture just like this of my Grandma and Grandpa Cottam.)

…a time to feed the dog grass (she assures me he loves it).

…a time to put my life in my husband’s hands…

…and wash his muddy pants. :)

…a time for taking down those pesky uncles.

(Here it looks like Libby is trying to stop Joe from doing drugs…
As much as I tease my little brother, I love him more than he can know, and I am so happy he has a good woman watching over him.)

…a time to run in the grass and be children. :)


…and a time for Grandma hugs, the best kind of all.

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