Even through the madness…

This week has been a blur. I feel like my children and I have been through a long tunnel of moving, scrubbing, cleaning, and never-ending tasks. Last night, I came to a point where for a moment, it felt like it would never end and tears came to my tired eyes.

But last night, Matt brought us back home, and this morning, moved boxes to the side so that we could have space to breathe today. Today, the girls and I have just played and enjoyed the sunshine. What a relief to our souls.

And somehow, even though last night I felt like nothing more than a wall-scrubbing robot with no skin left on her hands, today I feel inspiration starting to come back.

My mind is filling again with ideas of how to create and inspire, how to make a difference and change the world in my own way. Last night I felt empty. Tonight I am filled with compassion and love again.

To me, even this small little week in my small little life is such a testament to me of the atonement, and the renewing power it has. Everything can be okay again. Even when our minds and hearts become drained and down, whether by something large and horrific or something small (like moving), somehow, I believe that everything can truly be healed and made alright once again.

And somehow, even though we may be busy and tired, there is divinity in each of us, the ability to create and inspire, and to change the world.

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