Hope Smiling Brightly

It can be so easy to get down and to think that our lives are so hard.  But so few of us actually suffer, as so many others do.  Today, I am so grateful for my blessings, one of the greatest of which is my knowledge of these women:

(photo by Lisa Shannon)

Unspeakable horror has been a daily reality for them, and yet look at those beautiful faces!  Hope and love smile brightly from those women, as they run for others who have been through what they themselves have been through.  It fills my heart with joy, love, and perspective. 

(photo by Lisa Shannon)

I am beginning to understand more and more why Christ commanded us to love and serve others.  It was just as much for us as it is for others who may need our help.  Nothing can fill your heart with love, peace, and healing more than helping another person who is hurting.  Nothing can empty a soul more than selfishness.  Nothing fills it more than selflessness.

These women have been some of my greatest teachers in that area.  Are you down today?

“Find someone who is having a hard time…and do something for them.”

– Thomas S. Monson

So simple.

(Find out more about the women of the Congo at their incredible run at Lisa Shannon’s blog.)

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