(This picture cracks me up.)

Today has been full of unexpected sunshine. :)  Like this girl, who I found changing a diaper for me, so that I wouldn’t have to.  What a sweetheart.

And like this little one, who is one month old today!  I cannot believe that.  Before I know it, she’ll be digging up worms in the backyard and riding a bike. 

Like making volcanoes, just for fun.

Or like this woman, my friend Jen, who I have met only once in a delirious state after a run.  :)  I just have to say, she is a constant inspiration.  She is a bright, bold, courageous woman, who loves her family and loves other people.  She is an incredible mother, and an incredible activist.  She is in charge of the Run for Congo Women in Colorado…she cared so much about the cause that she started it without even being a runner!  Her efforts have changed and inspired my life immeasurably, and given me courage to pursue my own ideas, daunting as they may seem.  I also love her because I feel like she is one of the very few women who truly understands and feels the same weight that I feel about what is happening to women in the Congo.  So, was I ever surprised to be featured on her blog today, with a Sunshine award.

In return, I’ll post links to some of the blogs that uplift and inspire me.  Though I’m not great at figuring it out, I love the benefits of technology.  Blogging and the internet can definitely fill the world with plenty of unpleasant things, but it can also be used to reach out, uplift, and inspire.  And I am grateful for those who do, because we moms need each other.  :)

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