It’s a miracle

This morning, my head was swimming. I was thrilled with the news that a popular Denver studio was considering sponsoring Yoga for Congo Women. I was excited and terrified all at once about a late-night chat and a possible grand new adventure down the road. I was depressed that most people do not want to be bothered hearing about Africa, yet so happy that last night, I found a friend who truly did care. And I was floored, infuriated, and dumbfounded at a large and influential company who outwardly supports a bill that would help to end the violence in the Congo, and yet quietly lobbies to gut that bill, when implementing it, as is, would cost them a mere penny per product. I was further angered when the same company began deleting the comments of concerned people, and then blocking comments altogether. On top of that, I was overwhelmed by the dishes in the sink that I didn’t do last night, and by a big school day ahead of us.

My head spun and I couldn’t focus well on any one thing.

But then one of my girls came in the room and pressed her nose up to the window.

“Mom! It’s so sunny! Look at that sun! It’s a miracle!”

(This after a very stormy night.)

Yes, wee one. It is a miracle.

My head stopped spinning, and my heart lifted. And we went on with the day.

My children ground me. They teach me the simplest, and yet the most profound truths. In the whirlwinds and storms in our lives, the sun does peek through.

And it’s a miracle, every time.

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