Happy Father’s Day

I usually sit up the night before Father’s Day making a video tribute to Matt.  It didn’t happen this year…but we had a busy and lovely day yesterday.  It was a good day for taking a break from everything else.

We went on an “adventure,” as one daughter called it, or in other words, a bike ride. :)  Seven people, five of them little, on a bike ride, is indeed an adventure.  It was a very fun one.  As I brought up the rear with the baby in the trailer, I looked ahead at Matt, pulling another trailer and leading our family cheerfully down the road, and I felt truly blessed to have a husband who leads our family with hope and happiness.

I love him for so many reasons, but I think one of the greatest reasons is that he encourages us to look up, to look onward, and to have faith in the future.  He helps us all be better than we were yesterday, and he helps us all feel the peace that everything will be alright.

Happy Father’s Day. :)

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