Love your families.

Today started out like any normal Sunday morning…the sun shone through the blinds, the alarm went off, I snuggled closer to Matt after he shut it off.  I saw the news, and learned there had been a series of tornadoes that had hit Ohio, where we lived before moving to Colorado.  I told Matt we should call his parents.  Later, we started to get ready. I had forgotten the laundry, learned the dryer was broken, and scrambled to find new clothes and put five little bodies into them while struggling to figure out what else I might wear.  I mentally tried to get ready for the day and for all that I was planning to do.  The morning went on, and all of the little things piled up.

We nevertheless made it to church, and not two minutes after arriving, we got a phone call. 

We learned that a tornado had hit the home of some friends.  The mother and their son are dead, and the father is in critical condition in the ICU with very severe head injuries, and it is unclear if he is going to make it.  Their daughter is also hospitalized.

It’s been a difficult day, as we have mourned for this young family.  It’s been a humbling day.  Life can change in an instant.  All of the little things that seem so important just really don’t matter.

Forgive people when you should.  Love your families.

Oh, love your families.  Hug them all and remember what really matters.

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