The past few months have been so eventful and so full of challenges, blessings, and one-thing-after-another(s), that it’s hard to put them into words.

Some moments have looked just like this:

But somehow, together, lots have looked like this, too:

(What a beauty!)

I can’t begin to express the love I feel for so many of you, and for all that you have done for me.  The journey I’ve been on for the past few months has been hard at times, but I have been surprised, again and again lately, at the love and outreach.  So many of you have blogged, spoken up, signed up, and just shown up, for me and for what I care about.

Thank you.

Though this journey isn’t over yet, and the biggest part is still ahead of me, I can’t tell you enough what it has meant.

My family has carried my heart, day in and day out, ever since it began.  I love them more than I can ever tell them.

They’ve been so patient with their crazy mom.  :)

I’m so grateful for kids who love being with each other.

Such an angel.

Such soul-searching eyes.  I want to make sure she finds something good in mine.
Blessed am I.

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