Giveaway heaven!

I am in awe of the people who have stepped forward and done SO much to show their love for others lately.  They have taught me and given me so much, and I am so blessed to know them!

I am so excited to tell you about a couple of them, and some marvelous giveaways they are hosting!

Lacey is a wonderful friend of mine, and a beautiful photographer.  I have tried several times to copy her style and locations.  See?

Her picture has more motion and is just all around cuter, but copying her was so fun. :)

Now, she’s hosting a giveaway that YOU could win, and you, yes you(!), could have darling pictures of your family like the above sample. :)  Wow!  I want to win!  If you are in the Denver area, go to her blog, read a little about how you can help, and leave a comment.  Don’t be shy!  She is really excited and happy to do this!  You could win a free photography package from Lacey!  You are SO lucky!

And there’s yet another giveaway!  My beautiful sister, Christine, makes beautiful little books.  This girl makes the most gorgeous things I have ever seen.  Her needlework makes me cry.  Her sewing makes me sigh.  Her books make me happy, because I’ve never tried to recreate one, and thus have not had that particular pain of failure, yet.  :)  She has made a darling little book, and here are the details:

The pages are about 3×4.5″ (the cover is just slightly bigger).  It’s got blank pages (no lines, white paper) that are acid-free, art-quality (pencil, charcoal, pastel).  It would work great for a sketchbook or a journal.  It’s hand-bound of course, because this girl can do things with her hands that no other human can.  Sigh again.  :)  But oh, how I love her, and I am so excited about this giveaway!

This notebook giveaway is open to any and all who participate in the Yoga for Congo Women event, be it at the live event, via the online broadcast, at one of the satellite events that are forming, or by making a donation!  So no comment necessary, but if you want this little beauty (and I know you do), get involved and get registered!  It’s time!! :)

Thank you both so much, Lacey and Christine!  I love you!

COME to Yoga for Congo Women!  I promise you will love it!

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