(Don’t mind her…she loathes clothing.)

My two-year-old loves to “hide.”  She hides any time we call her.  She hides for fun.  She hides to play.  She hides to do things she should really do in the bathroom.

This morning, she found a new version of “hiding:”

She really thought we couldn’t find her. :)  What a hoot she is.

All of my life, I feel like I have been “hiding” in my own way.  Not from everything…I mean, I always stood up for what I believed.  But I have often avoided the painful stuff.  I’ve hid at times from things that would cause criticism or failure.

Yoga for Congo Women is next week.  I’ve worked so hard.  I’ve done my best.  Maybe many people will come.  Maybe not.  But I won’t be hiding either way…I’ll have faith and stand up for them.  

These women are my fellow sisters.  I care about them.  And I can’t hide and live a quiet, safe life while they live in agony. 

So sign up.  :)  Come on.  It will be wonderful.  And don’t miss this great giveaway this weekend! :)

(PS – I feel like so many of you have come out of hiding and have stood up for your sisters in the Congo lately, too.  You’ve blogged, taken fliers to your friends, opened your mouths, and been brave.  I love, love, love you.)

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