It’s September

I woke up this morning, and a cooler, sweeter sun peeked in between the blinds.  The thought that crossed my mind before any was this: “It’s September.”  There may have been a gasp in there.

September.  It’s what I’ve been anticipating since the beginning of the year.  It’s actually been a tiny bit of a comfort all along that it wasn’t September yet, because I hadn’t yet convinced the whole of Colorado that they need to be at Yoga for Congo Women.

But September is upon us, and do or die, succeed or fail, it’s here.  And I’m ready for it to be here, though I still haven’t convinced the whole of Colorado.  :)  Lots of people I talk to would rather I didn’t. :)  Others have heard with such compassionate hearts, and those are people I will love all my life.

Last week the news reported a chilling story.  The sad thing is, it’s not a new trend in violence…it’s just that a story FINALLY got reported. 

I’m just not okay with it.  Not at all.  Those women are sisters in my heart, and I am standing up for them.

So whether 5 people come or 50, it doesn’t matter.  We will be there, together, for them and for each other.  I’ve put all of my love into this day, and into the yoga presentation.

You’ll love it if you come.  You’ll leave a different person.  We all will.  And if you’re not in Colorado, join us anyway. :) 

I’ve tried to stop panicking about whether people are going to be there or not.  I’ve decided to have more faith.  This morning, mid-panic-that-it’s-September-now, I was reminded of something:

Faith is not only a feeling. It’s a decision.” – Neil A. Anderson

I have felt strongly from the beginning that I should do this.  I have felt guided at every moment, even in the hard ones.  So I’m going to have faith in that.  I’m deciding to have faith in it.  I may not be the yoga expert of the world, but I am going to have more faith in myself, too. 

With faith, I can’t fail, regardless of the outcome. 

So welcome, sweet September!  Finally you’re here, and we’ll do some good.

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