Peace to my soul

I believe in sacred places.  Places so holy that I truly want to remove my shoes. 

I believe in a God of love and miracles, of light, guidance, and revelation. 

I believe that if we try, He won’t let us fail.  I believe He understands us and loves us. 

I believe He is actively working in each of our lives.

I know it.

I know that not everyone who reads my blog shares my exact beliefs, and that’s fine.  We all have our own beliefs.  Thanks for loving me and reading anyway.  :)

I have struggled to find clarity these past few weeks.  So much has been changing, so much has been happening.  So much has been on my mind.

What I had planned as a quiet couple of weeks has become a couple of weeks of a very busy, anxious mind. 

Yesterday, I spoke with a good friend who reminded me of the things that ground me.  She reminded me of what is truly important…so much of what I already know, but had gotten muddled on.

I needed peace.  I needed to re-center.  My girls needed it, too. 

We drove to my most cherished place. 

The peace.  I can’t describe it.

Our Temples are often misunderstood and the media often presents odd, skewed viewpoints.  I think that anything that isn’t common is easy to misunderstand.  I can see it seeming odd to those who are not of our faith.  (Just please know that I am a fully intelligent, un-brainwashed woman, and the things presented on the media are nearly always wholly untrue.  Sad.  But is that really a surprise?)  

But oh, how I love it there.

Can I tell you why?  Why I find peace and sanctuary there, why I want my children to love it?

Why they already do, without me having to coax them?

For one, I believe they are a perfect example of God’s love for His children.  A sacred, peaceful place where we can go to learn, to grow, to understand in His way. 

I can’t imagine living without that guidance.  I would feel lost.

And I don’t believe we were sent here to be lost.

The Temple holds promises of the future…glorious promises of who we can be and what we can become.

But most glorious of all?
The promise that my family can be together forever.

I find such peace in knowing that my family will be together forever…beyond this life, into eternity. 

I can’t imagine how I would feel holding these sweet girls if I didn’t know that.  Life is so, so short. 

I don’t believe we would be sent here and that we would feel so much love, only to have it end at death. 

I love remembering what is truly important.  I love seeking guidance and peace.  I love that if we truly seek, we will find.  What love!  

We would never deny our own children love and guidance.  How grateful I am for a Father who would never deny it to me or you, either. 

(I digress…these next pictures crack me up.  It’s pretty darn hard to get 5 kiddos to all smile and look at once!)  :)

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