Vigils and Remembering

Last night, Matt, the girls, and I trekked through downtown to attend the vigil service for those who were homeless and died this past year.

Such a lovely city, yet so cold feeling at times.

There were many reasons we wanted to attend.  Many reasons we wanted our children to attend.

So much we are trying to teach them about blessings, caring, and kindness.

It was a good time to stop and reflect.  Not only on people we care about who are, right this minute, homeless.

But also on how abundantly we have been blessed.  We have each other.  We have warmth and safety.  We have peace.

I want so much to raise compassionate, hopeful women.

Their little world is surrounded more and more with bustle, distraction, and selfishness.

I hope we can teach them to look around, to look outside themselves, to see.

There is so much that can be done.

It was cold last night.  I shivered, and couldn’t help but think of a friend a few blocks away huddled on a bench, of the man next to me on the bus, of women with no home of their own, of families who haven’t known peace in over a decade.  So much sadness.

So, we do what we can.  And that “something,” whatever it may be, is so worth the effort.

I loved what Matt said on the way home to the girls.  “Remember what you have, every day.  And share it somehow, every day.  Do something kind for someone.”

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