Chinese food, love, and gratitude

Yesterday was Matt’s birthday.  We actually went on a date.  A real one.  Not a “work related” one.


(It’s been years.)

It was a beautiful evening full of fortune cookies and remembering and laughing and holding hands.

As we sat in our car with no kids and milkshakes, watching the stars and the airplanes while we talked, I felt so full of gratitude for our years together.  They have been so full.  I can’t imagine a happier life.

It was the first time in forever, by the way, that I got a sitter without drama, chaos and frustration.  It was heavenly.  And the kids were all so happy when we got back.  Truly, there could not have been a greater gift that someone could have given me than a peaceful night out with my husband.  Little do we know, sometimes, how great a gift our small, kind acts are.  It totally rejuvenated my life.  :)

Blessed am I. :)  I can’t wait for an eternity of birthdays with Matt. :)

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