Join me on the Bridge

It’s the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day.

All over the world today, women are gathering on bridges.

It started a year ago, when women from two of the most ravaged countries on the planet: Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, met on a bridge that connected their two countries to call for peace.  They bravely met again today, as did over a hundred brave women in Kabul.  They stand on bridges with women literally all over the world today.


Six of those women were the girls and I.

We stood on a bridge with a small, wonderful group of people, and spent a quiet moment hoping for peace for so many women around the world.

It was so good to stand with others, and to focus on the good we can do together, as women, as mothers, as strong and courageous people.

I love my little girls.  I want them to know that they matter.  I want them to understand their tremendous worth.  I want them to know the power they have.

I stood on a bridge today in absolute safety.  I love, so much, the women who stood on bridges today with little to no safety.  They are brave, strong, and courageous, and I want to stand up for them.

I am constantly amazed at the healing power to be found in standing together.

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