Six months and light

In some ways, the past 6 months have rushed past.  In others, they’ve been the slowest and sweetest of my life.

It’s been an intense time…an accelerated course in faith, decision, and growth.

I’ve learned to see my children.

To see the light inside them…a light that doesn’t have to ever be extinguished, but which can be, all too easily.

This child lights my soul.

There are moments, when it feels that my own light is nearly out, that I hold her warm body against mine and feel her absolute love, and it’s as though her little light rekindles my own, like a spark.

I think we are given children as a glimpse of God’s love.

I am seeing mine in a new light.  And this tiny child is in part a key to it all.  She has taught me joy and love on an entirely new level, and has helped it to spring from sorrow and pain.

I have never had more joy as a mother.  I feel like I’m seeing for the first time.  In some ways, I feel as new as a six-month-old baby.

And yet, she’s so far ahead of me.  Her faith is so perfect.  But I’m learning.

Blessed am I.


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