New things

Lots of new things are happening around here these days.

The girls rapidly earned hard shoes for Irish dance and have been stomping around nicely for about a month now.  They now attend both soft and hard shoe classes.  It has been a real occasion for them to rise to…they are the only true children in the hard shoe class.  The next youngest member is 13 or 14.  They are working hard and I am very, very proud of them.  Eventually, I think we will have to purchase a portable dance floor so that they don’t have to go to the plywood floor in the basement to practice on. :)  Someday, someday.

This wee one is trying food, but doesn’t like it one bit yet.  Someday, I hope she will take it better.  But for now, I am content nursing her.

She has also decided to sprout some brand-new teeth and a brand new crawl, all in the same week.  I won’t deny, this sudden leap forward is making my heart ache.  I am so happy for her progress, but wish so much that she could just be mine forever.  Alas. :)

We’ve changed everything about school and educating the girls.  I am beyond thrilled about it.  Soon, it will mean a whole new blog.  I’m working on getting it started.  I can’t wait to show you when it’s ready.  :)

A new Yoga for Congo Women event is coming up in October.  I really hope that you will join me.  This will be our third year in Denver.  I can hardly believe it.  This year, we are changing and simplifying a lot of things, and I feel a real thrill about it.  Everything will be simpler and smaller, but I think more meaningful.  Please plan to join me?  It literally means an entirely new life to her.

All of these things and more mean a brand-new courage for me.  Courage to stand up and be who I really am without worrying so much about what everyone else thinks.  I think I’m finally ready.

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