Thankful for a messy house

Wednesday night I lay in bed, thinking about all of the little Valentine’s activities I wanted to do with the girls the next day.  I planned it out, and factored in the perfectly clean house we’d have by the end of it, also, because I had guests coming Friday (today).

Well, Valentine’s dawned and craziness ensued.  Plans I had thought were simple were a bit far-reaching, and as happens with anything out of the ordinary, a total mess descended upon us.

Just as I was about to start the push to clean it up, I found out that old friends of mine who were expecting to have a new little one any day had lost their little girl.  I saw their pictures and I couldn’t stop crying.  I looked at the six little wonders in my home and marveled at how blessed we have been, when all odds have been against it.  Suddenly the mess didn’t matter any more, because at I least I have a mess.  It’s amazing how perspective can change.

After a while, I’ll admit, panic ensued knowing that guests were imminent.  But this morning, I woke to a two-year-old (the living tornado herself) saying, “Mom, you’re just back!!” and I looked around at the mess and just smiled.  I am so, so grateful for the six little people who give me this mess every day.

Today, I’m just going to try to be thankful for a messy house….because that mess means that I have those who gave me the messy house.

Now, off to try to clean up the Valentine’s craziness before guests come.  We’ll see what happens.  :)  If it doesn’t get clean before they come, this time I don’t feel so badly about it. 


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