Every state has that saying…”Don’t like the weather?  Wait five minutes and it will change.”  But Colorado is the only place I’ve ever lived where that seems to actually be true.

We went from blue, sunny skies to this…

…in about five minutes yesterday.

I don’t like being surprised by snow.  I’ve posted recently about my feelings about snow storms.  We aren’t usually friends.

But yesterday, as I watched the absolute jubilation of my little ones dancing in the freezing cold, I was stunned again by the beauty that can be found in those cold and often unexpected storms.

Blessings fall and fall, all around, during the stormy times.  Those blessings come in ways we often can’t see.  The stormy times are the times we need, because they change us, prove us, and make us who we are.  If we allow it, they water the ground of our souls until our cup runneth over.

And in case you’re wondering (due to the nature of my recent posts), no, I’m not expecting any surprise storms in my life.  I have been battling anxiety.  Fiercely.  (I don’t think winter helps with that too much.)  I struggle with control and I don’t like surprises.  I expect the worst and I live with this constant pit in my stomach.  I feel, though, that lately I’ve been shown, in these quiet moments, that even if storms do come, I can trust, and not be afraid.

How do I know?  Because I know that the One who allows the storm also sends the blessings during it that water my soul.

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